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2018 AGM – Notes, Annual Report, New Committee Members

The Annual Meeting of The Roar Supporters Federation was held on 13 December 2018 at XXXX Alehouse in Brisbane.  There were 14 attendees, 2 online participants and 4 apologies were noted.

A copy of the notes of the meeting can be viewed or downloaded here 2018 AGM Minutes

The President presented his report which can be viewed here 2018 RSF_Annual Report

The meeting elected new committee members as detailed below –

Committee Elections

The Secretary acknowledged the support of Tom Dickinson (President of the Queensland Powerchair Association) who recently passed away.

The Secretary acknowledged the contributions of retiring members of the Management Committee – David Green, Mauricio Avila and John Heidemann.

The Secretary noted that there had been no nominations received for the Management Committee by the deadline specified in the Notice of Elections. That being so, the Secretary called for nominations from the floor for the three vacancies.

Chris McAlister nominated Justin Gane. The nomination was seconded by John Lang, and Justin Gane accepted the nomination.

Richard Moss nominated Dirga Ong. The nomination was seconded by Stephen Belcher, and Dirga Ong accepted the nomination.

David Green nominated Rod Goldsworthy. The nomination was seconded by John Lang, and Rod Goldworthy accepted the nomination.

There being only three nominations for the three vacancies, and no requirement for an election, the Secretary declared Justin Gane, Dirga Ong and Rod Goldsworthy elected to the Management Committee.