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Annual General Meeting Results

The inaugural AGM for the Roar Supporters Federation was conducted at the XXXX Brewery on the evening of 1 September 2017. At the AGM, members passed a number of important, landmark motions for the Federation.   The first motion to pass, unanimously, was the motion to incorporate the Federation. This gives the Federation its own legal entity, which is important for the independence of the organisation from individuals and other organisations. .  The motion approved the appointment of Wally Vicig as the individual who would seek incorporation. The three potential name options that the Federation is obliged to provide for registration as per the legislation are: ·       The Roar Supporters Federation, Inc ·       Brisbane Roar Supporters Federation, Inc ·       Roar FC Supporters Federation, Inc   The second motion passed, unanimously, was the Federation’s inaugural Constitution. Some of the members present questioned some minor elements of the constitution, however were happy to approve it in the knowledge that any member can propose amendments to be voted on at a future AGM   The third important item of business was the election of the Management Committee. All persons nominated for positions prior to the meeting were elected unopposed into their positions. They are as follows:

President Richard Moss
Vice President Neil Ballment
Secretary Michael McNally
Treasurer Wally Vicig
Committee Members (five of six) David Green, John Heidmann, Chris Kelly, John Lang and Chris McAllister

As there was a vacancy for the 6th Committee Member position, a ballot was conducted.  There were two nominees, Mauricio Avila and Eoin Dawson. At the commencement of the vote, there was some confusion regarding the wording of the constitution that, as per s19, votes for Office Bearers and the Committee could only come from Members ‘present’, i.e. Proxy votes would not be allowed. Eoin Dawson stated before the votes were counted that his understanding of the Constitution was that proxy votes were allowed.  The vote proceeded on the basis of no proxy voting, and Mauricio Avila was declared elected 19 votes to 18 (there were 37 members present).   After the meeting closed it was drawn to the attention of the Management Committee that s37 of the constitution defines a proxy vote as a vote of someone ‘present’ at the meeting.  This means that the vote for the 6th Member of the Management Committee was invalid.  The Management Committee has been in contact with and apologised to both candidates for the error in voting procedure.   The Management Committee will meet this week to consider how this situation may be resolved equitably. A number of solutions are being canvassed and will be considered. We will let you know as soon as possible when a decision has been reached.   It has been a long road to get to this point and the Federation would like to acknowledge the efforts of all members who have attended Steering Committee meetings over the past nine months. We would not be at this point without the hard work put in by a lot of individuals who have donated their time and skills to our Federation.   The Management Committee would like to thank the Management and Staff of XXXX Alehouse for providing the venue and the generous hospitality provided on the night