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Call to action – awards/stadiums/cub station

The RSF is almost 12 months old, and we’re putting some new sub committees in place to move forward our member ideas, and to make a difference with our support for the Brisbane Roar.

We are calling for volunteers to join a few sub committees – we know with your help we can make a difference! Please check out the following sub committees and if you would like to become involved just send us as an email telling us which sub committee you would like to be involved in along with a phone number and your location.

STADIUM: – Following our successful supporter survey earlier in the year, our members have made their views clear! There is a real sentiment for the need for a football stadium in Brisbane – the media and football community have joined the conversation on where we go to from here. We are forming a committee that will further investigate everything from a political campaign, Stadium Design, stadium location etc plus work with BRFC for outcome all football supporters can be proud of. We currently have a committee chair, and we need some more people on the committee to build this into a small effective working committee to drive this important initiative.

ROAR FANS AWARDS NIGHT: – This year (17/18 season) the RSF ran the awards night, it was late in the year, it was at short notice, but proved to be a popular and successful event. In the past this night has been organised by several different groups over recent years and the RSF acknowledge the good work put in by those groups in the past. We are now looking to set up a committee to get started on the activities needed to run this event, including organising a process for weekly voting that will culminate in a Fan Awards Night supported by all fans an event that will be the envy of other A-League clubs. We want to put this committee in place by early October – we’re looking for supporters who have great organisational skills, who have some computer skills and supporters who can come up with new and great ideas.

CUB STATION :- Following a brain storming session looking at ways to improve the Game Day experience the RSF came up with the idea of a group that would:

  • Get young Roar Supporters involved in game days.
  • Introduce young Roar supporters to the beauty of active support on game day, to learn how to participate in singing and supporting the team.
  • Involve junior football teams in the Match Day experience.
  • Involve families in the complete Match Day experience.
  • Hold special events to involve young supporters with the team.

The RSF vision is to help build Roar support at games, make game day a experience everyone remembers and part of this is to help fill the stadium one bay at a time. We are looking for members of the RSF who would like to join the Cub Station committee with the view to achieving the above and show other A-League clubs what a football family really looks like.

If any of these sub committees sound like something you could contribute to, please send us as an email telling us which sub committee you would like to be involved in along with a phone number and your location.

Thanks in advance for your help!