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Committee Elections

The First Annual General meeting of the RSF elected 9 out of 10 Committee members successfully, the election for the final position was contested “from the floor” on the night; however, due to an unfortunate misreading of the constitution the election for the tenth committee member was subsequently ruled invalid.

On review the Management Committee accepted an error had been made and that the best course of action was, in accordance with the Constitution, to hold a new election for the outstanding position. As a result the membership was informed via email and nominations invited for the final position. Both original candidates were invited to stand along with the opportunity for new candidates to put their names forward.

The nomination period closed at 5 PM local time on the 4th of October with only one nomination received.  A valid nomination has been received from Mr Mauricio Avila.

Consequently there will not be the necessity for a vote at the Special General Meeting of the 19th October 2017. This meeting will note the formal reception of the nomination and the election of the one nomination accordingly.

The Management committee of the Roar Supporters Federation thanks all those involved in organising and supporting the Federations activities, especially all those who expressed an interest in standing for various positions.