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MD Appointment – David Pourre

The RSF congratulate David Pourre on his appointment as MD of the Brisbane Roar Football Club.

The seeds of the RSF were sown during his first tenure as MD and we know David shares many of the same values in growing Brisbane Roar, and football in general, and we look forward to continuing the close working relationship already established with the club.

It is also appropriate at this time to thank Mark Kingsman for his support and assistance towards the establishment of the RSF and working closely with us over the past 9 months.

We also note the owner’s stated vision of Brisbane Roar as a football club that could and should be: “the biggest and best football club in Australia”.

That is a worthy vision and one the RSF are happy to align with and work alongside the club towards achieving. We would say quite strongly to the Owners that this is a very achievable vision, and yes there is much work to do to achieve it; but a good starting point is the immediate elimination of the frequent payment issues that have plagued our history, as well as increased efforts to engage and align with as many fans as possible.

We believe this is already a great club and there is much more to be achieved, and it is best achieved in partnership with the fans.