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Roar Supporters Survey Match Day Experience 29.12.20

The RSF completed a survey of members and supporters regarding their Match Day experience at the first game of the season at Dolphin Stadium. The following are the results of that questionnaire.

67 responses were recorded.

1 Person Completed twice

1 Person Did not attend and just wanted to say move back to Suncorp.

Question 1:- Are you a BRFC season ticket holder.

Yes                      45

No                       19

Womens Only – 2

Question 2:- Are you a member of the RSF – I.E. Registered member through

Yes                      39

No                       27

 Question 3:- How did you get to the game?

By Private Car – 63

By Train to Kippa-ring then by shuttle – 1

By Train to Kippa-ring no shuttle for womens game. – 1

Question 4:- If you used the Roar Supplied Shuttle from the Station to the Stadium, did it work for you.

Yes – 1

No – 1

 Question 5:- If you travelled by Car did you

Travel with friends/family – 53

Travel by yourself – 11

Dropped off and picked up – 1

Question 6:- If you had spare seats in your car – Were you aware you could offer your spare seats for carpooling with people from your area as part of the RSF Carpooling Campaign. Register on the Roar Supporters Federation Facebook page.

Yes – 49

No – 16

Question 7:- If you had spare seats would you consider offering spare seats to other supporters –

Yes – 17

No – 17

Maybe – 30

 Question 8 :- Carpooling – You can register your spare seats for other supporters in the Roar Supporters Federation Facebook Carpooling Post.




Not while Covid is around

As I live in nearby Caboolture. there is probably no need to carpool…..but I am open to it

Did that. Strathpine is closer to the stadium, no takers on the carpooling but happy to keep offering.


We do things spontaneously and plan A turns into plan B so no guarantee where we go prior game or after game.


Question 9:- Parking coming and going – Please tell us about your parking experience at the stadium

Originally went to dolphins and was directed in 3 different directions by staff finally to be told there hadn’t been parks for a while. Parked in nearby street with little issue

             On arrival, the parking was efficient. On departure, it took around 80mins to get out and with young kids after a big afternoon at the games, it was definitely a ‘very average’ experience and a potential turn off for the future if things don’t change. We travelled from inner Brisbane to the game which is a bit of a drive in itself. Basically there were five rows of traffic feeding into one lane.

             Coming in was really easy. Got literally the closest spot to the gate. I got out fairly early after the game due to my parking location but still took a solid 10 minutes despite me bring one if the very first cars. Didn’t like I had to turn left into Klinger road and be forced down to the roundabout

             It was good coming in. However getting out is difficult. Over half an hour wait to get out and we didn’t hurry to get out as we knew it would be slow. We prob waited at least half an hour or so before we left our seats to go to the car. It seems there is only one exit at present for all cars to exit.

             I had the game times mixed up with Daylight savings time and arrived only 15 mins before kick off. Had to park around the back fields and a long walk but didn’t take ling to get out once I got to my car. Knowing the local area helps too, getting out on a street which is not the main road helps.

             No problem at all if you arrive early. Leaving is very slow and time consuming as majoirty have only one exit and then are directed by police to go left to roundabout to get onto road to Klingner Road. Klingner then becomes stop start all the way to Anzac Avenue.

             Parked in private street had no issues. Discovered this spot after the first FFA Cup game and saw the issues with the car park. Will only park in car park if it was ONLY for Roar Members (Foundation) and have designated exit so no backing up.

             Parking on arrival no problem. It is after the game where everyone wants to be first in the queue cutting us off. We decided staying at club after game was best option for us. Oh and maybe chance to meet team players.

             We arrived early for the Women’s match. No probs parking. We left after having a drink at the Dolphins Club & a brief chat to a couple of the players in the Club. There was no queue and we were able to leave easily.

             Parking was great. Nice and close to the stadium and plenty of it. Sure it took some time to get out due to traffic but I think the situation was handled as best as possible and I didn’t mind waiting to get out

             Having been to all the previous roar games there, we knew to park on surrounding streets. Was extremely alarmed walking through the carpark after the game, SO dangerous, dark and no organisation.

             Getting in was good- took 45 minutes to exit aproved stadium car park- was at the end of the line on the western side- they needed to open both exits to clear backlog.

             Was quite a long walk for my 90 year old grandfather, however this was a one off occasion for me. I accept that parking at this ground will be challenging to manage

             It was good and easy, parked near the main Dolphins building, arrived early enough to get a spot there. Exiting was relatively quick and painless

             Got there quite early so easy to get a park. Waited for awhile at end of game before leaving so even though it was still busy, it wasn’t too bad.

             Easy to get a park, but took approx 45 mins to get out. I parked in the area near the southern end of the western stand.

             Lots of people complained. I parked on a side street on other side of Klinger Rd. I was in and out in 5 minutes.

             It was easy to find a parking. Leaving was simple and easy to follow. Very well directed to traffic control.

             Parked along main road, closer than Milton to Suncorp and had no issues finding a park or leaving.

             I parked in a side street in knowing it’s a long process to exit the designated stadium carpark.

             Going ok got a park straight away. Leaving was horrendous, at least 45 mins to leave car park.

             Awful. Parked 1 kilometer away. Traffic was a major issue crossing the road. It was dangerous.

             Didn’t park in car park…took me t mins to walk to car and left straight away…plan ahead

             Was easy parked on Ashmole rd about half an hour before mens game and got in and out easy

             Found parking on the street a short way from the stadium. So coming and going no problem..

             Did not park in car park as this is problematic when leaving. We parked on a side street.

             Street park. Have parked in carpark previously and had 40min wait to get out after game.

             As expected. A crowd of 10,000 many in cars will create some delays but that’s normal

             Easy coming in but 40min wait to get out. That was from when I arrived at my car.

             Arriving to the stadium was pretty good for parking. Leaving took about 40mins

             Got there early for W Game did not have problem finding a good parking space

             We park in side streets and have no issues. Easy access, no delays leaving.

We parked a little away from the fields and had no delays leaving.

I had no problem parking, as I arrived early for the Women’s game

I knew it was terrible and parked on the street near the stadium.

             Had no issue as had to go to Coles plus catch up some other fans

Coming in was fine. Leaving the stadium was lengthy and annoying

Had no issues, easy in, easy out. Parked close to exit.

Parking nice and close but getting out takes too long.

Parked on street close to stadium for faster getaway

It was okay as we came early for the W-League game.

Did not know what to expect. No problems though.

Relatively simple, just parked on a side street

Parked in back streets, had no problem leaving

I park on the road so it is easier to get out

Easy getting there, very long wait leaving

Parked just over 1km from stadium & walked

It took to long to leave after the game

Very congested, long wait to get out

Parked on the street. No issues.

Stayed at Dolphins so no delay.

Takes a long time to leave

Parked on the street

Easy street parking

Easy, no issues

I left earlier

Great parking

Not an issue

It was ok

Question 10 :- Do you have suggestion as to how Parking could be improved.

No :- 12

More organised parking staff/communications at dolphins. 

Didn’t like I had to turn left into Klinger road and be forced down to the roundabout. Have the option of people turning right onto Klinger road under police direction. To stops everyone going down to the roundabout which forms into a single lane and conflicts with people getting out from the other side of the ground. It also means crossing the road on foot is difficult and dangerous.

At the entrance gate (which has entry and exit lanes), this was shut after the game preventing exit. I asked the attendant why and he said the police said that if that was used as an exit, that then prevents the exit up the road having an exit flow. The solution there is to : 1. Have this gate open – but have it as a right turn only. 2. Encourage on street parking instead.

At gym end of club, the exit could be utilised better to allow traffic to turn right onto Klingner Road instead of all traffic having to turn left to drive up to roundabout and and meet up with the traffic waiting to join roundabout, and then having to drive back down Klingner Road. Talk about swings and roundabouts!!😂😂

Possibly traffic control inside the parking lot may have assisted a little bit of further. To my knowledge, assistance was only provided by police and others once out on the main road

See previous answer – have designated car park for Roar Members Only with its own designated exit. Also limit 1 car spot per grouping / set of tickets.

More spot to exit out of the ground as if you leave straight after full time, you would be stuck in the car park for large amounts of time

More channels to exit the parking facilities, with better traffic control to allow a larger volume of cars to exit at a time.

Maybe a one way system with merging onto main road by Police. People tend to either ignore or argue with traffic controllers

Parking near your actual gate would be convenient. Have more than one exit would have helped and saved a lot of time.

Traffic Marshall’s on Klinger road to halt traffic for 2 minute periods to allow traffic to flow out of car parka

No. Good parking & parking attendants were provided. It is just a large number of vehicles all exiting together.

Signage and a few parking attendants with their flash lights. Someone to talk to on arrival about best parking.

Not sure but maybe 2 more exits would assist? I don’t know the layout of the roads though.

Traffic control to allow lanes to move instead of every car fighting with every other car

Don’t park at the stadium, there don’t appear to be restrictions on street parking nearby

From my sons observation look at how exiting from the general parking can be improved

More traffic control. There will always be a problem with not much public transport

For safety, MUST have a plan to get cars out safely and pedestrians through safely

They must have more than 1 exit. They had 6 lines of cars going out the one exit.

Don’t park at the stadium, prefer to walk further than wait in gridlock.

More exits from the stadium carparks. Suggest other streets to park on

Move the games back to Suncorp so public transport can be utilised

Prioritise the shuttle to make public transport more convenient.

People just need to be patient. Use the leagues club and shops.

With the stadiums capacity doesn’t seem much of issue for me

Traffic wardens to organise entry and exiting from stadium.

It is what it is. Maybe encourage station parking.

Have police on all exits and major intersections

There is insufficient parking for the stadium

It looks easy to get in , horrific to get out

Park at Showgrounds and shuttle ppl to game.

Official traffic control at critical points.

Not familiar enough with location to comment

More exits may help, if that is possible.

Allow other areas to be opened to park

Not really Marshall’s were very good.

Find a better stadium in Brisbane. 😕

No, we don’t use the stadium parking

More people to direct in and out.

Open the gates to the other exits

More public transport solutions.

Somehow add another exit 2🤷‍♂️

Plan ahead…its what we do

No, parking was fine.

Open both exit points

Move back to Suncorp

Traffic controllers

See comment above.

Parking was fine

More exit points

Not an issue

Question 11 :- Which Pod did you sit in? E.G. POD 22

2 – 2

3 – 3

4 – 3

5 – 1

6 – 3

7 – 4

9 – 1

10 – 7

11 – 2

12 – 12

13 – 8

14 – 3

15 – 2

18 – 2

19 – 8

20 – 6

22 – 3

Can’t remember, Eastern stand

Can’t remember but was in Western stand

6 fo the Womens’ game, then Northern stand for Men’s match

I think 1. Sunburn stand

Question 12:- Did you attend both games on the 29th Roar v City Men and Women

YES – 41

Just The Women – 3

Just The Men – 22

Question 13: – Do you attend by yourself or with friends/Family

Group up to 5  – 48

Group Over 5 – 11

By Self – 10

Question 14: –  Did you have any trouble getting into or out of the stadium?

Yes – 57

No – 4

Very surprised by the lone line at opening of gates. Needs to be better / quicker system – Maybe two lines separated / apart – one on each side

Barcode on email membership didn’t scan and had to be manually entered

Leaving was frustration due to clogged exits. Police did a wonderful job though and was good to see them on duty

Signage around ground is appalling. Needs to be clearer about which way up go for your gate.

Not trouble just a long wait getting out

Question 15:- Could you hear ground announcements from your seat

Yes – 43

No – 12

Yes, but sound quality is poor. Sounds like they recycled the speakers from before the renovation.

Some clearer than others.

YES – we are under a speaker – BUT music is WAY TOO LOUD – you cannot talk to the person beside you. Needs to be turned down.

Not clearly no…it’s not the best system

Didn’t really have any. Music could have been louder

Yes but music kept going on and off randomly

No, couldn’t hear the music either

Yes but muffled as it didn’t seem like the best quality audio system

Kinda. The one about leaving the stadium in a specific order was weird as many people had already left their seats.

A little distorted at times

Not entirely crowd made good noise

Yes, far too loudly. The Muzak and announcements were deafening. All in all an experience that we don’t wish to have again.


 Question 16: – Chanting and team support – Could you hear from your seat.

Yes – 58

No – 5

Maybe – 4

Question 17: – Safe Smoke – did you feel it added to the Match Day experience.

Yes – 45

No – 12

Maybe – 10

Question 18:- Safe Smoke and other Match Day Effects are expensive to run – Would you support a fundraiser e.g. raffle to support the Dens efforts.

Yes – 37

No – 11

Maybe – 20

Question 19:- Most people stand and support the Den for the “Who are WEEEEE” chant, what needs to be done to get the Supporters in other areas supporting the Den throughout the game?

Clear words and percussion. Other areas support clapping and simple chants because they hear them. Particularly when times with match events

Not sure

Get rid of the DEN and have the Roar Corps do ALL the chants. They are brilliant for the Women with songs for each player. All the DEN seems to do is the “F off Sydney” EVERY game event when we are not playing A NSW let alone a Sydney team. Time for the DEN to be creative or get out. No longer need “Who are WEEEE” – why copy Canberra or let alone Icelands Viking clap – we need our own chant. Importantly in COVID times aren’t we not to chant or sing so why encourage something we are not allowed to do in breach of COVID regulations??? On the Safe Smoke – PLEASE STOP. I’m an asthmatic and I do not like to get weazy from passive smoke. At Least fireworks are up high in the air. Please think of other peoples health issues before using smoke.

I think just continue the way it is – I noticed a larger proportion of the crowd participated than at Suncorp: once more and more people start doing it, the more inclined people who aren’t doing it will be to participate because they’ll become the ‘odd ones out’

We could not hear the Chant Leader properly if at all & we had to guess where we were in the chant. Putting the chant through the stadium sound system would be good. It did not seem to be coming through for that part during the chant.

I think we need more chants and not songs. I feel people will not stand for long if they are not directly involved in the den. If you have shorter chants the more people will stand near the den and then hopefully that will grow

Record and put in FB pages before the game. Choose chants that are easy to say and have a standard of support for goals etc. The scarf twirling en masse of Melbourne Victory last night when they scored looked amazing.

Might be that people are placed through the stadium and the ground announcers get people up. Maybe run a spot prize for a someone standing, like 2 free tickets to the next game or a 50 food and drink voucher.

Let the vocal support from other areas come naturally. By continually creating a vocal atmosphere, people will get excited. Either that or have vocal Den members scattered throughout the stadium.

The beginning of the game is good, the who are weeee! But its personal preference of course. A mascot with handler going from pod to pod on the edge of the field might help if allowed.

Not much really.. I thought the crowd was much more involved..better than Suncorp! Smaller stadium is much better. Didn’t take a lot to get those around us to cheer etc!

Get a chant that means something. If after three repetitions we don’t know who we are then, perhaps we should ask our minders…You know? The one who tie our shoelaces…

Always going to be hard – Australian crowds are quite passive. But perhaps leaders at the front of each pod for that specific moment (if used just for beginning)

Lyrics on the digital board at certain times to coordinate with specific den songs (specifically “When the Roar go marching in”)

Knowledge of the chants: post them on social media. (I note you could also ask this of people supporting the Roar Corps).

I’ve been saying for years the Den needs people stationed around the stadium with Megaphones getting everyone involved.

Encouragement through official club channels and staff. Not just hinksy. Emails, staff going around before match etc

Smoke /flares (orange) and a choir master in each area of the ground to get everyone going, not just one section.

Don’t think it’ll happen, as much as it’d be nice Brisbane/Australian sport fans don’t seem to want do too much

Possibly placing people around the stadium strategically who know the chant if they stand others will follow.

More inclusive chants that relate to the eastern and western stands (E.G “who do we sing for” for wanderers).

Have people placed around the ground directing people to sing along. Someone in every second pod.

Scatter a few Members from the Den to the other stands to “guide/lead” them in the chants etc.

Need a much better PA system. People won’t participate if they don’t know what is happening

May need to find a way to communicate with ticket holders all the supporting information.

Just keep doing what they are doing. People will join in if they want to support our team

Just an announcement over the speaker or an animation with the actions and words

Just stand up and encourage those in front, behind, and next to us to join in.

Provide chant sheets and ‘leaders’ spread around the ground to lead them

Not sure. I dont know the chants and im sure many others don’t either

Few of the den group in front of each stand at the start of the game

More awareness and maybe people around the touchline encouraging it

Ask the Den members how best the club can support them to do this

Announcer started chants a couple of times and it seemed to work.

I couldn’t hear the capo. All i could hear was the clapping

Members on the field getting supporters up off their seats

It will grow with exciting and successful performance

Probably some more drums / capos around the stadium –

You would have to take the swearing out of the chants

Not much they will either stand or sit through it.

Communication of chants and where to find words.

The sound does not travel as far as at Suncorp

They do, just not in the same way as The Den

We arrived after kickoff because of parking

I don’t think there is anything you can do

Encouragement from others not in The Den

Have a mic, put a graphic on screens,

Better education to other supporters

Encouragement via the PA announcers

Place song sheets to each seat…

Have a leader in different areas

Distribution of chants/songs

Delay until the stand up…

I’m happy to listen to them

Encourage people to chant

Use ground announcement

Being able to hear

I hate that chant

Just get involved

Sit in The Den

A better chat

More people


 Question 20 : – If you purchased food when did you do so

Did not Purchase – 27

Before Game – 18

During Game – 17

Half Time – 5

 Question 21 : – Food – Time Waiting to be served

5 Mins – 9

6 – 10 Mins – 7

11 –20 Mins – 7

Longer than 20 Mins – 23

 Question 22 : -Were you happy with the food on offer?

Yes – 26

No -18

Maybe – 7

 Question 23 : – If you purchased Drink when did you do so

Before – 26

During – 13

Halftime – 8

 Question 24 : – Drink – Time Waiting to be served

5 Mins – 20

6 – 10 Mins – 10

11 –20 Mins – 6

Longer than 20 Mins – 13

Question 25 : – Were you happy with the Drinks on offer?

Yes – 31

No -11

Maybe – 10

Question 26 :- Any Suggestions regarding Food and Drink

Much more staff and sites for beverages needed. Would make the costs back quickly. A lot of people didn’t buy drinks because of the line. Individual sauces at bakery tent, bottles are slow and not covid safe.

They didn’t have enough staff in the bar near pod 15. 2 of 3 cash registers working and no really line allocation. Need to have more staff in there and better trained not 16 yr old kids. Also I feel they could move the entrance of gate #2 and utilities the small carpark area with food vans and such, this would help with massive food lines. Also they only had one small section for food service with a massive hot food bay on the counter. This slowed the food right up when there could be more area to serve food. They ran out of pre made sandwiches at the start of the lady game as well as some drink types. The line for food was from the food section to half way along POD 15 at one point. I do feel drink selection and drink prices are fair but have also increased so maybe the service to get these things should also be better. People don’t want to miss the game.

Could do with more variety in both food and drinks. I know they have limited space, maybe an option is using passouts or member tickets be able to access some food vans outside the venue with such a lack of space. They could be set up near each gate. The range of food will otherwise do, even within the facilities since there is a full commercial kitchen in the club they could add some foods through the use of it to create something that can be distributed in the outlets. The Gate 2 area is also a serious traffic problem with people trying to enter the stadium while people are lining up to access food and drink I’d recommend Dolphin look to upgrading that corner to put the food outlet on a new upper level and leave the alcohol below. The limited range of beers is poor, would be nice to see a bit of variety

I found drinks service was chaotic at best. Attempted to purchase drinks prior to the kick off but gave up on the enormous line up. The staff did not appear to be trained well ie not regular hospitality staff. The way they went about service was slow and uncaring of the people building up in the line behind those they were serving. Would be good to query Dolphins over the training of bar staff. Having three serving with one or two runners in behind getting the drinks out would make a big difference. It just seemed like the stadium did not cope well at full capacity with hospitality.

We went to buy food 5 minutes before half time and by the time we reached the front they had run out of food we wanted to order. Only had fish and chips and potato scallops left. Due to the long line up we missed 20 mins of the second half of the game. If this can’t be improved then allow us to bring our own food into game. We won’t be standing in that line again! Most people behind us gave up and went back to game.

At gate 2 there are 2 lines for food and drink , but down at the clubhouse there is only 1 line. I had to queue with people that were buying food when all I wanted was drinks. Can there not be 2 queues for this everywhere? Also for people that want only water, there should be dedicated refilling stations as they are delaying paying customers

I didn’t get food during the game because the line was so long. It would have been nice if there were food trucks etc around to support the other food stands. I would have gotten food earlier if I had known the line was going to be so ridiculous

It was unacceptable that there were very very very long queues at EVERY outlet from before kick right through to half way through second half. That means many people were missing the game. This needs to be resolved URGENTLY!

Food trucks. The ground has the space for them, should be encouraged to use them. Attempt to get specialised food trucks, not just the generic ones selling things like fish and chips. (I want a quality hsp at the match)

Somehow the lines need to be reduced. We did not buy food because, had we joined the line, we would have missed a major part of the match. Great food last time but the waiting time this afternoon was just too long.

Covid regulations were not followed by staff serving food. The condiments should either be individual servings or should be applied by food service staff. It was a free for all on the condiments by all patrons.

Have more seperate food and drink outlets – people ordering food always take longer than those just wanting to grab water, beer, coke but the eastern stand canteen was trying to do both.

There just needs more selling points. To get some options,.we had to walk 80m then wait 20+ minutes. More shops/more staff. We did like the cost of food/drinks as opposed to Suncorp.

Separate lines/areas for food and drink or food or drink, it would save a lot of time. Keep drink prices low, you’d sell more. Could have low priced special offers on.

I did not purchase food and drinks only because line was too long and was a hot day to be standing around food and drink prices are good much better that Suncorp

Have separate lines for those wanting food and those wanting drink. Maybe get food trucks or more tills/staff so more than one person can be served at a time.

The lineup was so long we went back to our seat hungry. Either need a lot more staff to handle the number or bring in a few food trucks to spread the load.

Seperate the food and drink lines. when I lined up the food orders took far longer than the drink orders which was frustrating for those just buying drinks

Canteen needs to stock a lot more food if similar numbers attend at future games and perhaps a ticketing system could be implemented to increase efficiency

Food and drinks are great at really good prices. Wished from Zone B we could get to the sausage sizzle at Gate 1. They do need more staff to be quicker.

47 minute wait, with people in the line waiting to buy water as they couldn’t bring it in. Food was pretty much sold out by halftime. No wine or gin.

More staff working at the Canteen, and more clear instructions as to what is the line for the canteen and what is the line for the toilets

More staff in canteens. Maybe food vans in addition to canteens. Existing facilities not able to cope with 10000 crowds

Some of the serving staff will need to be better organised. Young volunteers were a bit disorganised but they will learn.

I heard a lot of people complaining that it took more than 30 min for food and drinks and they missed parts of the game.

More vegetarian options other than chips. Would prefer better beer on offer a shame we’re tied in with xxxx

Did see long queues from where i was sitting. Perhaps they were social distancing. Not sure of wait times.

The lines were crazy just prior to the game and I wasn’t prepared to wait and make another purchase.

Very long lines. My friend got it so I didn’t see what else was on offer.

Drinks went up in price, need more food options the line was terrible

Add food venders/fans for less waiting times and to add more variety

May order food and drink if lines were shorter, maybe foodvans

More vendors or more payment windows open at existing vendors.

Need drink carts around the stadium to shorten the queues.

More outlets- could organise mobile food vans for the day

I did not bother lining up due to the length of lines.

Maybe some other food options that are not deep fried

More areas for food and drink will elevate lines

Quicker service /more outlets at critical time.

Need to allow fans to bring their own water in

It seems that the time it took was excessive

Didn’t even attempt it due to the lines.

No ice creams for sale for the kids.

Great pricing maybe more staff

Have a barbecue or food trucks?

More staff and EFTPOS machines

Quicker lines more food stands

Add some Gluten Free options

I’m a tea drinker so no tea.

More vegetarian options

Line up was too long

Open more stations

Stronger alcohol

Healthy options,

More sandwiches?

Eat beforehand

Wider variety



Question 27 : – Some other clubs have done deals with supporter groups. If the RSF could organise a corporate membership for Dolphin Club would you be interested.

Yes – 24

No –17

Maybe – 27

QUESTION 28 :- Do you have any comments about your match day experience. Ideas, Improvements etc.

Overall positive. However heard a lot of complaints of getting to the stadium. Club will need to address these concerns if they want to maintain the good start. Issues with food/drink etc are easily solved teething issues.

Given Dolphin is now a fait accompli, I’m not sure just how many of the seasons matches we will be able to attend. A 150 klm round trip combined with the match timings are starting to make the KAYO offer look appealing, sadly.. Have been members from the beginning and don’t want to leave but some of the match timings simply prohibit our attendance.. There is no fix to this. Match day experience is always great as we go to see our team in action and when it is combined with the Girls team it is nirvana… Is it better or worse that Lang Park? That’s a highly personal and subjective question. A pertinent improvement would be timings for games and some sort of fix for the food lines. The food staff are always positive and happy and trying to do the best they can, ( certainly no complaints there ) . But the stadium is not at the moment set up to service the crowd numbers that attended the other afternoon/evening.. Several points on the stadium: 1. The centre walkways are crowded with people who re trying to get food during the match etc, and 2. What happens in the event of rain or other serious events requiring the quick and safe extraction of patrons… Thank you for perusing my comments and well done on asking the great sweaty masses for their opinion….

To be honest I am not a massive fan of the move to Redcliffe. I have followed this club since day one and will continue to do so. I really do enjoy the small ground especially with the new grand stand. And I really do enjoy watching games out there let’s hope we can keep it full. Ticket prices are cheap but that shouldn’t mean our match day experience should feel that also. Improved food a drink services and maybe help with the parking and we are on a winner. I think trying to utilise the small carpark in front of gate 2 if a option would be great food ans drink stalls or add can bars and food stalls behind pods in main stand section.I’ll be using the shuttle bus from now on and think it’s a great idea. Overall I enjoy it there but the club need to make it as easy and comfortable for the supporters we have just left the stadium in Australia after all. Also can we get the banner and sports club end changed? I believe it’s called something else in game day surely we can get a brisbane roar one up there?

The COVID rules email was totally ignored. Need more ushers to ensure everyone sites down (email says you MUST stay seated at all times) – amazing how many people walk during the game. Unlike Suncorp (where walk ways are underneath), at Redcliffe they are in front. Also police the exiting of the ground – we were told to wait until told to leave and leave from Gate B – everyone seemed to stand up and just leave to the closed exit – no social distancing. Please make it Pod by Pod but have people usher PODS out or officially allow / encourage Zone B to leave from Gate 1. If they police it going in they should police it going out. If not please get ride of zones as we park near Gate 1 and would love to enter there, grab a charity sausage and head to our seats in Zone B instead of doing the long walk which we require to do. Can’t have it both ways. Either the club takes COVID regulations seriously or not at all. We don’t want an outbreak like Sydney / Melbourne.

No double headers for w-league. With COVID plans it makes organising support very difficult with allocated seating. It de-values the women’s game by positioning it as a curtain raiser to the men’s game. Women usually then have to play in much hotter conditions. Regularly expecting fans to stay at a venue for 5+ hours is unreasonable. As a result, double headers do little to grow the women’s game. Many A-League fans say they want W-League double headers but don’t turn up for the start of the game. It seems their opinions are valued more than those fans with particular interest in W-League. Also with the team training at Lions, utilising this ground for stand alone games give the team an advantage of familiarity.

There were no merchandise stands or RSF Stand that I could find. That is ridiculous not selling merchandise. Many people were not sitting in their COVID allocated seats which puts the club in breach of their Covid Safe Compliance agreement. The ‘ushers’ people in yellow shirts were useless, not doing anything and spent most of the time watching the game not the crowd or ensuring the crowd sit where supposed to. The biggest issue for me was the food and drink outlet queues, an absolute debacle. That needs to be addressed before the next game or they will start to lose supporters.

Overall it was a good day. It’s going to be crazy to manage and I’m not sure the COVID safe plan was being that well enforced. I’m also not sure what they had to do in that regard. The safe smoke was a good addition and great to see. It was a shame foodstuff such as ice creams ran out at some outlets Gate 2 I know were out at half time. They need extra food outlets or somehow speed delivery. The food was hot and fresh what I had and that was great, however it also contributed to some of the speed issues their kitchens are not big enough

I found a lot of people confused with seating. In particular, going to the wrong pod and challenging why people were in their seats. Quickly pointed out that they were in the wrong pod themselves. Painting pod numbers on the steps and walk ways would help. The pod numbers I found were hidden at a low level behind people seated in the back rows. Signage for the pods are bad on match day but probably obvious when there is no crowd.

Toilets, need more. And coverings of the other stands. Not good sitting in the elements of sun or rain, sweating your arse off with no shade from 3pm. We couldn’t get tickets for under the main stand as they were sold out. Jesus christ, why not invest a little more in construction and put a roof on. I’ll be honest, it makes us not want to go back. Should we crowd fund for a striker? 😂👍

Overall, besides the parking, we enjoyed the day. The site staff were less nazi-like compared to Suncorp so this made for more ‘colour’. In the absence of shade, sunscreen stations could be provided or at least sunscreen and hats to be made available for sale. We saw no merch on sale. Water stations to refill water bottles would be welcome. Upgrade toilets. More exit points post match

Overall a great day and experience. I’ve attended games in Ireland and UK since the 70’s and have seen highs and lows. In Australia the standard is great, given the lack of marketing and other codes favoured. Redcliffe was a great move despite the negative comments by some. Better atmospheres makes for more fans. Keep up the great work you’re all doing! Go the Roar!

When we exited the stadium after the Women’s game. We had to try and get through all the people coming in for the men’s game. There needs to be seperate entrances and exits. I asked event staff if there was a seperate exit and was told “no you just have to go through the entering gate”. The Covid 19 plan at Dolphin needs to be improved for the safety of all.

No doubt the atmosphere is wonderful, but it feels like a suburban ground, rather than a “stadium”. Apart from Wollongong, all other games as seen on TV are in real stadiums. Feels like we are poor cousins of the League, and representing a major city like Brisbane we should be at Suncorp. Surely our government and Suncorp can see that?

Louder music and emcee mic. (Scarves Up graphics on screen – see BBL and what they do) and then Lyrics on the digital screens karaoke style (highlighting words as they are sung) to allow the whole stadium to get involved and on time with the rest – the scarves up and lyrics could be used for “When the roar go marching in” for instance.

Very enjoyable. will be very difficult to please most people at Dolphin. it’s a win from a cost and atmosphere point of view but difficult regards travel, parking and food etc for many. What we need to see is a clear plan for the future regarding an inner city stadium option so we know Dolphin is not long-term

More flags / banners around the den would be awesome, particularly on the top wall behind the stand and being held by fans on kickoff. I think fans would be willing to chip in for this through a raffle for a signed shirt or VIP park on a match day

Safe smoke – more orange than black as the black smoke overpowers the orange. Food trucks are a must, can’t have lines that long again. Club needs to find a way to make most efficient use of carparks and parking in neighbouring streets

Very good all round great atmosphere just need a few tweaks one more food and drinks outlet. A merchandise outlet selling club gear but very good for first go for game day for new season stick with it never mind keyboard warriors

loved it…son got to play outside stadium…maybe have a spot where players go to after match for signings…we don’t know where to go for this.. east…west…north….it makes kids day when players talk to kids and sign stuff

Too far for me to go, match times limit my availability. With 2 young kids majority of match times would not be conducive for me to be able to attend. Even the mid arvo games don’t work as it is too hot/sunny for a 2yo and 4yo

When the women were playing there were big player flags around the stadium – this looked fantastic! Made the stadium look more like a Roar dedicated place. Having the same kind of thing for the men’s games would be great.

Need traffic control for pedestrians at large roundabout at end of games – it’s dangerous for pedestrians crossing there. The music pre-match is waaaaay too loud, especially for those sitting right under speakers.

View was good- no issues with viewing the field- need to improve screens for replays- food & drink options and outlets could be better- don’t think they followed covid plan for exiting the ground at end of game.

Fix the clock on the scoreboard so it counts correctly. I’m afraid I won’t be coming to many games this season unless the women are playing. It’s just too far and takes too long to get there without a car.

Loved it, only decided to attend 45min before kickoff – no way we could do that at suncorp. Great family feel, will definitely look to return with larger groups. Need to sort out food lines.

Enjoyed the atmosphere at the smaller stadium. Membership packs should be available from game 1. Bigger screens would be on wish list. Exit of car park definitely needs improvement.

More information, such as a map, to tell me where the entry points are, what their gate numbers are, so then people can plan where they need to park based on the gate entry required.

There was no merc available. I feel this was a massive opportunity wasted and not acceptable. We went to buy a hat as it was very hot and the server said they don’t have any to sell

Definitely parking needs to be sorted. I have an injury and walking to gate 2 was a long walk with a moon boot. If we could park near our gate it would have helped.

We don’t have any complaints. Was enjoyable day for us and great venue. We already hold Dolphin memberships and find food/drinks inside club to be fair.

I thought the double header was very well run and if every match day experience is the same as that then I will consider the season a massive success

I’m a dolphins member, joined fir this season. . great facility… More awareness/advertising to Roar fans if the great facility before/after games

Redcliffe is great for me, way better atmosphere and not hard to get to from where I live. Will more than likely make it to more games this season

For my family we love to attend. Its a 6 hour trip to Brisbane area to attend. Partnerships with an accommodation provider may reduce costs

Den smoke was a bit muddy. This needs to be addressed. Otherwise the atmosphere was awesome & the experience much better than Suncorp.

47 mins for a bottle of water is appalling. I joined the queue at 6.20, 15mins after kickoff. This needs sorting out urgently.

Maybe if you could post some of the chat words on a page for us newbies to learn? I don’t mind learning it on the day too 🙂

People standing in the Den and not complaining that people where standing blocking their views

It was great. Living in Central QLD I rarely get to see the Roar live. I’m easily pleased.

As per my comment regarding the food only. Everything else was very good.

Play at Suncorp 😂 better kick off times to deal with the sun and heat

Loved Dolphin. Best football experience yet outside of a Grand Final

PA system improvement, screens difficult to read score lines etc.

Only issues – difficulty exiting parking; queue for food & drink.

Going well, we just need more people serving and EFTPOS machines

Loved it, have joined Dolphins Leagues to eat before the match

Add shuttle/charter buses to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs

Enjoyed the game experience much closer to the action etc

More food vendors, member discounts on food and drinks.

More needs to be done for women’s football experience.

2 games makes it a long day with travel.

No apart from car park time to exit..

Wrong location for a brisbane team

It’ll smooth itself out with time

The stadium is far too far away.

It was a good day but we lost

Just in relation to the food.

It was good enough for me.

Was happy nothing to add


We miss Suncorp