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RSF Meeting with BRFC on 16/12/20

Following feedback received from RSF members, the RSF management committee met with the Club on Wednesday 16 December 2020 to discuss several issues relating to the upcoming season with a view to obtaining some clarity around these issues and to communicate this to members.

An immediate goal set by the management committee was to reach out to the Club and attempt to arrange an ongoing mechanism for dialogue between the Club and the RSF, on behalf of all fans, to work through any issues that may arise. The committee is optimistic about this meeting being the first of many. We are hoping to make this an ongoing and frequent occurrence to allow pre-season issues, issues that arise during the season and post-season issues to be discussed with the Club. There is more on this below.

In attendance at the meeting were RSF management committee members and two BRFC representatives, including Chief Executive Officer David Pourre.

Below is a summary of the nine issues raised by the RSF management committee and the information provided by the Club –

1) Publicising security arrangements including Covid safe plan for Dolphin including access to both sides of Dolphin Stadium?

  • Technically still have to use zones to comply with State Govt Covid safe plan.
  • Entry Gates 1, 2 & 3 will be promoted by BRFC to advise fans how to safely enter stadium and stay within Covid safe zones.
  • BRFC plan to communicate these details to fans a couple days prior to the first game.

2) Transport solutions – shuttlebus options for fans to Dolphin oval.

  • Suncorp public transport was not free but paid by BRFC.
  • Significant costs involved with organising busses from central points in Brisbane to Dolphin Stadium.
  • Shuttle busses to run from train station to Dolphin stadium will be organised.
  • As BRFC Platinum season tickets are one of the cheapest in A League, BRFC believe this will help offset extra transport costs.

3) Taking drinking water and or food into Dolphin Stadium?

  • Confirmation from Dolphin Stadium in next couple of days but likely sealed commercial water bottles (not frozen) and family snacks will be allowed into stadium along with any special dietary food.
  • Fan surveys from last season indicated fans thought that overall the food is better and cheaper at Dolphin Stadium which is another saving for families.

4) Organise a regular meeting / issues forum process with BRFC and RSF, including with affiliates.

  • BRFC agreed to meetings with RSF on pre-arranged dates during and after the season. Dates to be worked out with Club shortly.
  • BRFC would prefer to meet with RSF rather than affiliate organisations going to the Club directly. RSF advised we do not speak directly on behalf of affiliates, but we take up issues when contacted by them (we represent all fans), and we will commit to encouraging them to utilise the agreed process with RSF to raise issues.
  • Recognised that the RSF may do or report somethings the club does not agree with. This is not meant to offend the Club or its staff, or to be adversarial, but is a reflection of members concerns, and we will use this agreed process to try to work through issues in the first instance.

5) Share the view that BRFC needs to be better with active media beside social media. (Use Richard Roar as an example and express the view that a professional with official access can probably achieve an even better result and that this is what BRFC should be aiming for because it’s what helps the club engage with fans (particularly younger fans).

  • BRFC has acquired a high quality video camera for this season as part of our media team and will be making and distributing digital content online and through social media.
  • BRFC media team will be producing behind the scenes content that will be released to members in addition to a new digital membership for purchase shortly.
  • BRFC has distribution arrangements in place for media releases.
  • BRFC does a lot of work with local clubs and in the community that they do not necessarily advertise. This is about building a football community around the club.

6) General commercial promotion of the Club and the A League

  • Promotional material is coming. The Club is working with the A-League and there will be an announcement shortly.
  • Separation of A League from FA, which is yet to be resolved, has delayed release of promotional material for 20/21 season.

7) Non-access / Armchair membership category? (including International membership)

  • Digital membership will be released shortly. The cost will be $35 and will include access to one game at Dolphin Stadium and access to member only digital content but no merchandise.
  • The Club have been working on this for a little while, but any changes to membership ticketing is delayed as the Club has to make changes through Ticketek platform which takes time.
  • Roar fan who instigated this question will be contacted by the Club on Thursday 17 Dec.

8) The Roar Website, who runs it, what can be done to keep it up to date regarding players, photos etc

  • BRFC website is technically owned by FA so not simple to update
  • Facebook is run by BRFC so is regularly updated

9) New Stadium

  • RSF believes football fans need a voice to progress the development of a new Football stadium and seek to be part of the process.
  • Currently there are 4 sites being considered for a boutique Football stadium in Brisbane –
    •  1) Brisbane Airport,
    •  2) Albion Park,
    • 3) Perry Park and
    • 4) Sleemans sports complex
    • Other sites may also be considered such as the Exhibition Grounds.
    • FQ and BRFC are working together to progress the stadium development through political lobbying

RSF Action Points

Following this discussion with the Club, and in response to the information provided, the RSF management committee resolved to follow up some action items, in the interest of members and all fans. These action items include the following –

  1. When published, RSF will promote BRFC communications about Covid safe plan and stadium access via social media and other channels to ensure fans receive the information.
  • RSF will be facilitating carpooling options for fans to provide additional transport options. RSF will create social media posts a few days before home games for fans to link up with each other.
  • RSF will extend an invitation to affiliates to engage with the RSF (should they wish) regarding issues they seek the RSF to raise with the club. 

Should any RSF member have any questions about any of the above, the management committee encourages you to get in touch. If you know a member of the management committee reach out, or you can make contact with any of the management committee via the contact details found here: