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RSF Member survey – Stadiums

561 people responded to a survey issued by RSF with questions relating to the concept of a boutique stadium for the Brisbane Roar Football Club. As a members organisation the RSF only acts and responds with input from our members which this survey provided.

The purpose of this survey was to gain an insight in to supporters thinking in relation to a possible new stadium for BRFC’s use.

The first question was the obvious one, would supporters prefer to stay at Suncorp Stadium or move to an appropriate boutique stadium?

Subsequent questions then asked supporters opinions on key facets of any new stadium including desired capacity, transport requirements, the potential support-splitting question of whether any stadium should be north or south of the Brisbane river, and what other facilities they might like to see in a stadium.

Crucially, the survey asked if supporters would be prepared to petition local and state politicians in support of a stadium for BRFC.

The logical conclusion of our survey is BRFC supporters desire a boutique stadium and they are prepared to campaign to get one.

The full Report can be read here.

Report from Football Queensland 

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2018 Stadium Survey_ v1