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Cub Station (Home of the Little Roarers)

Welcome to the new season. We hope you are ready to ROAR!

With a new coach, and new players, we are looking forward to finding out who your favourite players are. We are also looking forward to making BIG sounds.

We have an awesome range of chants just for YOU. Some of our chants will be the same as those used by the Den. Some chants will be just for us Little Roarers.

Don’t forget to register on the Cub Station Facebook page so we know you’ll be there.

Click here to go to the Registration Form

The Cub Station is a sub group of the Roar Supporters Federation, aimed at encouraging fan engagement for younger Roar supporters – “Little Roarers”.

We believe that learning to love the game at an early age, both as a participant on the field and at any level off the field, will help build a great Family Friendly Club.

A sporting team is nothing if active support does not encourage the team in both the good times and the bad times. It is planned to engage with young supporters to encourage their vocal support of Roar, which will include learning chants as well as increasing access to players for the purpose of signature collecting.

Check out our Little Roarer Chants Here