RSF Fan Awards

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Round 8 Results as voted by Fans

Three Point winner Avraam Papadopoulos

Two Point winner   Adam Taggart

                     One Point winner   Matt McKay

No of Votes 25 – 1 Invalid

Leader board

11 Eric Bautheac                              Midfielder                  11
6 Avraam Papadopoulos                 Defender                    10
14 Alex Lopez                                  Midfielder                    9
21 Jamie Young                               Goalkeeper                  8
9 Adam Taggart                               Forward                       5
23 Dylan Wenzel-Halls                     Forward                       2
33 Henrique                                     Forward                        2
13 Stefan Mauk                                Midfielder                    1
17 Matt McKay                                 Midfielder                    1
24 Connor O’Toole                           Defender                     1


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Round 6 Results as voted by Fans

                      No votes received for this round

No Of Votes 0

Leader Board

Carson PICKETT                            8
Chioma UBOGAGU                       7
Mackenzie Arnold                         2
Katrina GORRY                              2
Yuki Nagasato                               2
Jenna MCCORMICK                       2
Clare POLKINGHORNE                  1

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Competition Rules

Player of the Match

Instead of voting for our Player of the Year at the end of the season, supporters will now be able to vote after each game.

You can vote in all competitions the A-League, W-League and Y-League.

We are asking everyone who votes and who are not members of RSF to join the RSF at – we are asking you to join us so it is easier to get information out on a regular basis via our email database – IT IS FREE TO JOIN.

Simply complete the survey form selecting your player of the week from the dropdown box – 3 for best, 2 for next and 1 for next.

Voting will open as soon as the game is finished and close after 48 hours.

A leaderboard will be posted each week on the webpage up until end of December when the leaderboard will go dark until the awards night.

Points will continue to be collated until the last game of the season and announced at the Awards function at the end of the season.

Neil Thomas Fan Moment of the year – Voters can nominate an event at a game or special event to commemorate a loyal fan Neil Thomas. Nominations voted on at end of season.

Video of the year:- Following some wonderful preseason videos put forward by our supporters and supporter groups there will now be an award for the Video Presentation of the Year. There are already a few contenders in the running.

If you want to produce a short video promoting anything Roar related and post it to the RSF FB page you will be eligible.  Your video will go into the voting for best presentation video.

There will be two awards – most hits on Facebook and Supporters favorite video.

Awards Night:- The awards night will be held as soon as possible after the last game of the season and hopefully before the start of the Finals series. The committee is working toward making this a night not to be missed.

Any questions or queries should be directed to  [email protected]

RSF Roar Supporters Awards Committee