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Date Description
2017-01-07 Mailout RSF Concept
2017-01-26 First Fan Forum with John Aloisi (Coach) and Mark Kingsman(CEO)
2017-03-21 Harmony Day
2017-04-05 Second Fan Forum with Mark Kingsman (CEO) Ross Aloisi (Assistant Coach) and Rahim Soekasah (Chairman)
2017-04-13 Mailout Buy 1 get 1 free ticket offer
2017-04-30 Free tickets (80) for fans to away Semi Final game vs Melbourne Victory
2017-05-13 End of Season Gala Dinner
2017-05-18 Third Fan Forum – farewell for Thomas Broich
2017-06-16 Member mailout setting out proposed Objectives
2017-08-04 Fourth Fan Forum –  BRFC Academy with Director Drew Sherman
2017-08-08 Mailout Notice of First AGM
2017-08-24 Mailout Committee Nominations
2017-09-01 First AGM
2017-09-04 Mailout AGM Notes
2017-09-12 Mailout Special Meeting
2017-09-21 Mailout Fan Forum Coaches Call
2017-09-22 RSF Incorporated
2017-09-29 Fifth Fan Forum – Coaches Call
2017-09-30 Wleague Planning Workshop 1
2017-10-05 Mailout re Committee elections
2017-10-11 Front of Shirt Sponsor – letter to BRFC
2017-10-14 Wleague Planning Workshop 2
2017-10-15 Launch of Roar Corp – active support for Wleague
2017-10-17 Mailout Advisory Board and CEO
2017-10-19 Fan Survey Advisory Board
2017-10-19 Special Meeting
2017-10-21 Phoenix Away Bus trip survey
2017-10-27 Mailout Newsletter
2017-11-09 Call for Volunteers
2017-12-19 Kids Go Free tickets collection
2017-12-20 Mailout Newsletter
2017-12-21 Call for Interest in World Cup Tour to Russia
2018-01-10 Sixth Fan Forum – Pourre
2018-01-24 Fan Survey BRFC Issues
2018-01-25 Open letter to BRFC and FFA
2018-02-02 Mailout Interim Report on FFA
2018-02-23 Fan Survey FFA and AFC
2018-03-12 Mailout Letter to FFA and AFC
2018-03-20 Mailout Survey Report FFA and AFC
2018-03-23 Mailout Merchandise sale
2018-04-09 Mailout Matchday Program Survey
2018-04-11 Launch of Uroar – University fans of BRFC
2018-04-15 Mailout Raffle Fundraiser
2018-04-16 Mailout Elimination Final
2018-04-17 Auction to raise funds for fan who got ripped off by Viagogo
2018-04-20 Free Ticket Melbourne City Away Semifinal
2018-05-11 Mailout Stadium Survey
2018-05-28 Mailout Roar Fans Awards Voting
2018-06-05 Mailout Roar Fans Awards
2018-06-23 Roar Fans Awards
2018-06-25 Mailout Stadium Survey Report
2019-06-29 Eats and Beats Wleague Player signings
2018-07-05 Launch of Online Shop selling Roar Corp Merchandise
2018-07-14 Uroar Away Trip
2018-07-18 Front of Shirt Sponsor
2018-07-19 Power Chair promotion for APFA National Championship