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RSF (The Roar Supporters Federation Inc) est 2017

 In January 2017 a group of supporters got together to discuss Active Support for Brisbane Roar Football Club with the belief that there should be a better way for active support and bring all supporter groups together. A steering committee was formed and after almost 12 months everything was in place. A constitution and Incorporation was completed. Elections were then held September 2017 and the Brisbane Roar Supporters Federation (RSF) was born.

The RSF is an independent supporters group for the support of the Brisbane Roar Football Club (BRFC) – Built by Fans, Run by Fans, For all Fans.

We believe The Roar deserve a long-term vision, a picture of the future state of the club that all of us can work towards. And we believe fans have rights and that we should have a say, a big say, not just in the long-term vision of the club but in all matters that are of importance to this great club and the supporters. We believe fans do have rights and if we get organised we will have a respected voice, a voice that matters and a voice that is listened to and respected by the club management, owners and the FFA.

As a Federation our aim is to bring together all Supporter groups and work toward the improvement of Football in Brisbane, the Match Day Experience as a member of either The Den (An independent body of active supporters Supporting the A-League), The Roar Corp (An independent body of active supporters supporting the W-League) or The Cub Station (A group aimed at growing football supporters from an early age). As a Federation of Brisbane Roar Supporters we work toward bringing together supporters for A-League, W-League, Y-League as well as the Roar Academy teams both Men and Women.

We also bring together groups of away supporters in Sydney, Melbourne, & Adelaide, bringing together them and travelling supporters.

So all fans of Brisbane Roar can feel unified and that they belong here as part of the Roar Football Family; whether you are a Season Membership holder a 3 or 5 game member, an active or family member, or simply an occasional visitor to Suncorp Stadium, or you watch games from the comfort of your armchair at home, it doesn’t matter, all fans are important and this is an organisation for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Brisbane, or elsewhere in Queensland, or in another part of Australia or even watching games from a pub in Dublin, London or even Timbuctoo – this is a home for all supporters, where all opinions are respected and individual voices will make our collective voice stronger.

Here is a chronology of events we have been involved with.

Our current committee contacts are Current Committee

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