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Statement RSF Committee

Press Release

The Roar Supporters Federation (RSF) Expresses Deep Concerns Over Incident at
Suncorp Stadium 3rd March 2024

[Brisbane, March 8, 2024] –
The Roar Supporters Federation (RSF) is deeply shocked and concerned by the recent events that transpired at Suncorp Stadium before and during the game on Sunday 3rd March 2024 involving Active Support & fans, the Queensland Police Service, and members of Suncorp Stadium Security Team.
Numerous fans have reached out to the RSF, sharing their stories and videos, most of which raise serious concerns about the safety of fans and Active Support (The Den) on the way to the Stadium and the behaviour of some Police and Stadium Security. A number of these accounts expressing concern about the way fans were treated have come from witnesses who were not involved in the incidents themselves.
 The RSF condemns violence and over-reaction whether from fans including Active Support, Police or Stadium Security and looks forward to the relevant authorities undertaking a thorough and transparent investigation into the series of incidents which occurred both outside and inside the Stadium. What is most surprising and disappointing is the apparent breakdown of the usual cordial understanding between the leadership of The Den, fans and Police which has been a feature of previous pre-game engagements on the way to the Stadium.
The RSF is actively collaborating with the management team at Brisbane Roar FC to ensure that the voices of the fans are heard, and together, to protect fans including Active Support, and devise strategies to enhance the overall fan experience. The RSF will be reaching out to both the Qld Police Major Events Planning Unit and Stadium Management to express fans’ concerns, and to try to gain some clarity around the events of last Sunday with a view to achieving some accountability and to restore the understanding of Football Culture and cordial relations with the authorities whose job is to serve with honour and protect the public. Most importantly the RSF will seek to work with the authorities, the Club and the Leadership of The Den to assist in restoring the trust and understanding between fans and the authorities in upholding the passionate support, and positive family-oriented atmosphere of Roar Football matches.  
The following quote can be attributed to Neil Ballment, President of the Roar Supporters Federation.

“We are deeply saddened by the events that unfolded at Suncorp Stadium on Sunday. Our
primary focus is on maintaining the positive, passionate and family-oriented atmosphere that
has been a hallmark of football in Australia. Active support (like The Den) is an important
part of the wonderful atmosphere at football matches. The RSF is committed to working
closely with Brisbane Roar FC and the relevant authorities to address these issues and
implement measures that will safeguard the well-being of all fans attending matches,” said
Neil Ballment, President Roar Supporters Federation.

For further information, please contact:
Neil Ballment – President RSF M:0490 913 410
Caroline Jones – Media Contact – M: 0409 219 969