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Replies from Political Groups regarding Stadium Proposal.


Good afternoon John,

Thank you for getting in touch with our campaign.I’ve had a chat with your colleague Chris McCoy about this, and it’s quite a significant proposal.

We would want to do a lot of public consultation before announcing a position either way – I hope that you can appreciate that we’d want to build up a thorough understanding of how communities around the area and across Brissie would be impacted by this, both positively and negatively.

We can commit to running this consultation if the Greens have control of council, but we’re mindful that raising proposals like this in a campaign can make these into a more divisive issue. We’ve found that advocacy groups such as Active Travel for Annerley have had the most success when they’ve raised their proposals across party lines in between election periods. This is both so that they can’t be portrayed as partisan, and so that they can build relationships with whichever representatives are elected, regardless of affiliation.

Thanks again for reaching out John.

Kind regards,

Edward Cordery

ALP Candidate Bracken Ridge Ward

Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out about Perry Park.

If a business case is completed which shows the financial viability of the stadium and has support from Football Australia and Football Queensland, then my view is that Football Australia, Football Queensland, Council and the State Government should all sit down and hammer out an agreement for a boutique stadium which would be beneficial to the community and to football in Brisbane and Queensland. This facility would need support from the Council, but the financial input would mostly rest on the State Government (as they would likely own the facility under Stadiums Queensland) as well as Football Australia and Football Queensland (as the users of the facility). 

I agree that Perry Park would be the most logical location and further to that if a business case shows that a 15,000 boutique stadium would not be viable, then discussions should take place about how to upgrade Perry Park to increase its capacity and ensure that it is an accessible and modern facility for football fans. As well as discussions about what can be done to ensure Ballymore and Suncorp can accommodate football better at those facilities.

Noting of course that a boutique stadium should not rule out Suncorp for larger matches like those we saw during the Women’s World Cup.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have any further questions.

Kind regards,