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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

The RSF are looking into the option of a Roar Fans World Cup tour to follow the Socceroos in Russia next June.

Are you interested?

Once the draw is made on Saturday and the locations and dates of Australia’s games are known then an itinerary will be put together.  This will include touring parts of Russia in between games and finishing in a major city (Moscow or St Petersburg).  Any arrangements to continue travelling in Russia or elsewhere after the group stage will need to be made separately.  Tickets for games are only available directly from FIFA so this tour will only cover the flights, tours, accommodation and travel to get between games.  A football personality will be invited to accompany the tour and provide insights to the matches and teams along with a local guide.  The advantage of this tour over some of the others offered will be the likely smaller size of the group giving easier movement and greater flexibility.

We are looking for expressions of interest to determine possible numbers so please fill out this form ASAP!

Once the package is organised and there is sufficient interest to make it viable you will be contacted to confirm your position.