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The Objectives as stated in the Constitution are:

  1. To provide a coordinated voice for supporters of the Brisbane Roar Football Club or its successors.
  2. To have a voice and representation with the Club management, owners and the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) or its successors.
  3. To support and promote the interests of Members.
  4. To recruit, encourage and engage with supporters of Football and in particular the Club.
  5. To promote and develop goodwill between supporters of Football at local, national or international level.
  6. To provide such ways and means of support and encouragement to the Club and its players or support staff as the Management Committee shall determine from time to time.
  7. To initiate and support projects and campaigns on issues of concern with respect to the Club or to Football.
  8. To engage with diverse communities, promote diversity and oppose all forms of discrimination in relation to Football.
  9. To oppose any Football related abuse or violence.
  10. To support, contribute to or establish such charity or benevolent Foundation as the RSF may consider is congruent with the other Objects or the interests of the Club and the RSF members.

The full constitution is available here