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Report on reply to Open Letter to Chris Fong & the Owners of Brisbane Roar FC

As previously advised, we approached the Club on your behalf seeking an update on the appointment of a new head coach at Brisbane Roar Football Club, particularly in light of the article on SBS’s ‘The World Game’ website last weekend.


We were able to speak with both Chris Fong and David Pourre this week, and we thank both Chris and David for the time spent in multiple discussions both over the phone and via email. We can also say the discussions were open and candid. We were able to communicate our members frustration, disappointment and in some cases, genuine anger at the reported delay in announcing a new coach.


In our discussions we were advised that the club’s recruitment process for a new coach has run its course, and we have to say – based on the information provided – it looks to have been a robust process that has delivered several high-calibre coaching candidates along the way.


(We emphasise at this point that the RSF has neither the desire or the mandate to try and evaluate any coaching appointment and that we trust the club has done its homework appropriately in that regard).


The Club were left in no doubt about the frustration fans are currently feeling especially in relation to the SBS article reporting delays in the announcement of a new Head Coach, obviously this is compounded by a very disappointing season for the men’s first team.


The club accepted this feedback but emphasised the importance of running their process as planned in order to arrive at the best decision possible. They did confirm that the delay suggested in the SBS article last week was speculation not fact and while they would not commit to an actual date for the announcement, they did commit to making the announcement at the earliest date possible to avoid further supporter frustration.


The RSF Board & Management Committee


Link to the original letter – Open letter to Chris Fong on the Head Coach appointment