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The RSF has been in contact with club MD David Pourre this evening in relation to the reported lack of availability of Suncorp Stadium for potential A-League Finals matches for BRFC.
The club confirmed all finals matches are the sole responsibility of the FFA who arrange matches and retain all revenue from finals games.
Furthermore, as far as we are aware Suncorp Stadium is the only venue nationwide that has not been booked and no explanation has been given for the FFAs action.
At this stage various options are being explored and the club could not elaborate on these other than to say nothing has yet been decided.
The nightmare scenario is that any match, Semi or Grand Final, is moved away with Roar forced to play out of State.
Whilst it must be reiterated these are potential issues only if Roar reach the finals in 1st or 2nd place; the RSF find it staggering that all other stadiums – from Perth to Sydney – have been booked out and only Suncorp was missed. We find this unacceptable incompetence from the FFA.
In addition, the RSF considers the inability of Suncorp Stadium, a State asset, to be made available for a Semi-Final/Grand Final to be unacceptable.
Whilst we accept the FFA has a responsibility to book the stadium in the first place, the stadium management could have, and should have, worked with both the FFA and NRL to accomodate each of these events. We find their inability to do this staggering and also incompetence of the highest order.
As a consequence The RSF will:
1. Write to the FFA seeking urgent clarification and demanding that fans are consulted on the selection of any potential venues.
2. Write to Stadiums Queensland expressing disappointment on behalf of Brisbane Roar Supporters in relation to the lack of facilitation for an event of such importance.
Again the RSF acknowledges there is a long season ahead and Roar’s place in the Finals has yet to be earned; but all we ask is that the FFA give equal consideration to football in QLD as they have done in all other States, and that the custodians of State assets actively work to balance the needs of various stakeholders which we believe they have failed to do here.