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RSF Tipping Competition for 2023/24

>Register Here for RSF A-League Men Tipping Season 2023/24


Competition Runs for all Home and Away games for the  A-League Men’s competition but does not include the finals series. No tipping will be run for the finals. (First round starts Friday 20th October 2023). However while the competition is closed you can still tip on the finals series. 

Cost is $50.00 per registration Registration and Final Payment must be fully paid by the start of the first round. No more registrations will be accepted after midnight of the 8th October. Once you register and pay your deposit the link will be sent to you to start or set up for your tipping. To allow us to work out the prize pool and therefore prizes

Failure to pay full amount will mean you are not eligible to win any prizes (However you can still play) and any moneys deposited will be returned to you.

# Tips can be entered online 30 mins before each match starts each round:- Tips can also be put in for upcoming rounds in advance.


1 – 1 Point will be awarded for picking winner in each game.

2 The top tipper for each round will win $10 conditions apply see weekly prize rules.

3 You will received 5 Jokers to use when you want. Jocker round will give you double points.

# To assist in giving tippers a better chance to catch this year there will be 5 chances to double your points for the round. E.G. if you choose to use the double points in the round and you score 5 points you will receive and extra 5 points.

If you don’t have your tips entered in before the deadline, then you will receive no points for that game.

All prizes (including weekly prize) will not be distributed until the end of all tipping rounds.

Prize winners will be contacted and funds distributed at end of tipping.


Final prize money for tipping comp will be determined based on the number of entrants and will be announced after the registrations are closed and payments received .  A weekly prize of $5 (See Weekly prize rules). – In the last 2 seasons the RSF has ensured first prize was $1000 2nd and 3rd are worked out on the prize pool.

Weekly Prize

$5 will be awarded to the single person who scores the highest in a round.

If two or more people share the highest score for a round, the total prize money for the week will jackpot until there is a individual winner, the prize will keep jackpotting until this happens. E.G. Round 1 3 people score the same number of points next round 2 Prize will be $10 and if more than one tipper scores the same top points it will jackpot again, then in Round 3 only one person wins they will be awarded $15. – #Note this happened several times last season.

In the final week of competition, money in the weekly pool will be won, there will be no jackpot.

Prize Pool

This competition is run by the RSF using a tipping competition that is already set up. So other than organise our group the RSF has no control over competition. Monies raised assist in running the comp and funding Federation activities.

1st Prize : –

At the end of the tipping comp and there is a draw for first place, prize money for 1st will be shared between those tippers.

2nd Prize: –

If more than one person has the same number of points in 2nd place prize money for 2nd will be shared between those tippers.

3rd Prize: –

If more than one person has the same number of points in 3rd place, prize money for 3rd will be shared between those tippers.

Happy Tipping