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RSF letter to AFC & FIFA

Many thanks to all who responded to the RSF’s ‘FIFA input survey’ last month requesting your input and thoughts on the FFA governance crisis gripping football in Australia. As a members organisation the RSF only acts and responds with input from our members which this survey provided. The first stage in our response to FIFA is the publication of an Open Letter which we did today.

We use open letters for transparency, as we did with the club following the ACL and shirt debacle. On their own we do not expect them to force change, instead they are intended as a public statement of what our members are thinking. We believe this latest letter does that.

This Open Letter has been sent to the FFA and to BRFC.

We had nearly 300 responses to our members survey and we are in the process of assembling a final report detailing each questions response and a selection of members comments. This will be circulated to BRFC, FFA, media and of course our members. This will be sent directly to FIFA and the AFC for input to their process.

This closes this matter for now, FIFA requested input from Supporters and the FFA failed to adequately deliver on that request. The RSF and Brisbane fans have now had their input. We remain committed to providing further input should FIFA request it.

Thank you all for the time and effort you took to input to this.