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Brisbane Roar – Report Card 2023

Following a meeting between BRFC, The Den, The Roar Corp and the RSF Committee and a suggestion from our Face Book Page, we decided to start a Brisbane Roar Report Card, which will be updated regularly as targets are met or missed.

Sometimes due to things beyond the clubs control a target may not be met, But we will continue to ensure that the targets are met and that the club continues to communicate with its membership. The RSF will also continue to regularly update its members of anything that is happening around Brisbane Roar.

End August 23:-

Player Signings ALM :-Zac reported to us the focus is still on finding the right players, bothin ALM and ALW, We do still want the right no.9, but that could be a VISA player of a local. Process is on going and we will provide and an update once we have an agreement signed. Currently accessing and speaking to 3 targets. ALM current player update to the men signings with Florin Berenguer being the biggest announcement this month – below in the Report Card. –

Player Signings ALW:- Coach Garrath Mcpherson has been busy this month (But possibly a while before this but the announcements have been this month. The club has started offering Multi year contracts to Roar Women players. So far 9 players have been announced. With more in the pipeline. – You can see the list of Women players signed so far in our report card. Zac has reported the squad is nearly finalised, apart from 1 position which will be taken by a local trialist at the end of the NPL season. We are planning to bring in 3 or 4 local players who will fight for the last ALW position. We want our local competition to feed our ALW team, so this connection and opportunity for the best local player/trialist is a great initiative by Garrath and the ALW team.

TRAINING GROUNDS:- We have an update from Zac, the Women are set up at QSAC, where they trained last season, and by reports from the team were very happy with the facilities. There will be announcement in the coming weeks about the men’s training venue.

MEMBERSHIP:- Big news coming shortly. Currently as of today 28th August, last season total ALW membership was 75 – as of today just clocked over 1000+ Massive increase. The men are not quiet so good as yet just over 800.

CHAD GIBSON SIGNS ON:- Chad was Roar inaugural Captain and has returned to the club to help evolve the Roar brand. Chad works with brands like Rebel Sport and others. Chad has already had a impact with the club since starting in recent weeks.

BALLYMORE :- Half of the womens matches will be played at Ballymore and 1 ALM game will be played there as well. reports that Ballymore will be a great venue for future games,

COACHING STAFF:- Shane Carr has come on board as head of High performance – Zac tells us their will be announcements shortly regarding other positions filled with the men. The women’s coaching staff are all in place and will be announced soon.

SUPPORTERS ADVISORY COUNCIL:- The new advisory council has been announced and you can find information here:- – The council has meet for a get to know each other. With meetings set down over the coming months. Anyone who would like to put something to the club can contact any of the council with their ideas to help the club promote and grown.

KIT LAUNCH:- Zac tells us date is yet to be set, but looks like will be toward the end of September. We will keep you posted.

End July 23:-

July has seen massive change at the club. Chris Fong returned to Indonesia to work for the Bakries, and on the 12th Kaz Patafta was employed at the new CEO and Zac Anderson as the new COO. On the 25th General Manager Ante Kovacevic left the club. The new administration has been extremely busy going through everything at the Roar. Both have business and football experience. During their first couple of weeks they held meetings with Moreton City Council regarding the Albany Creek Training venue finalising the Women and the Academy and are working on getting the men set up to train there as well. The Moreton Council was given funding to build facilities for Women and Youth, so there has to be an agreement that will allow the men to train there as well. Ballymore – it was thought that Ballymore may not be able to be used for football games for the upcoming season, But with lots of meetings between BRFC at this stage it looks like the women will be playing at Ballymore and a few games for the men as well. There is a possibility that the men will also be training at Ballymore until other arrangements can be sorted. There have been meetings with the Men and Womens coaching staff as well as the Men and Women players. A lot of discussion regarding what is required to get the women back to where they should be, at the top of the Liberty A-League. Discussions with Coach Aloisi regarding new players especially visa players is ongoing. Finances – While there have been media reports suggesting that the club is in dire straits, however we have been assured that this is not the case. The Bakrie Group continues to support the club financially and the changes to management is to return Roar to a power house club it has been in the past. There have been changes to the way the finances are run putting the Roar on a better financial footing. Kit – A new design is coming for the upcoming season. We have seen the boxes sitting the the office which is a vast improvement of arriving a week before the season starts. There will be a Kit Launch soon to unveil the new strip. Sponsors – The club has a new sponsor Outkast who were signed before the end of last season but was only announced this month. Outkast have a 3 year deal with the club. We are told there are more sponsors coming on board as well. Ausenco has come on board again as the sponsor for the Womens team. Coaching Team :- Men – Ross Aloisi Coach – Assistant Coach Luciano Trani – Goal Keeping Coach Frank Juric Women – Coach Garrath McPherson – Assistant Coach – Kelly Crew

We will continue to update our report card each month. The new administration continue to be willing to work with the RSF, on the understanding that if we see something wrong we will call them out on in, if it affects supporters. However at this stage the changes coming seem to be of benefit to the club, the team and the supporters. Time will tell.

August has seen the changes continue with the club. The month has been a busy one. With Kaz and Zac continuing to improve the club, despite many setbacks.

Brisbane Roar Report Card

JobProjected DateDate CompletedComments
Select New CoachEnd April 20232 May 2023
Ross Aloisi Named
22 May 2023
Garrath McPherson confirmed for another year for the Womens Team.
Assistant Coach :- Luciano Trani Announced 28.7.23 –
Goal Keeping Coach – Frank Juric Signed 28.7.23 as well,
Club is currently interviewing applicants, however the club has decided to wait until end of season for the team to announce new coach, to give the current Interim coach free air for his last games.
28.7.23 Assistant Coach signed. As well as Goal Keeping Coach.
WOMEN:- Work is progressing well with setting up the womens team for the upcoming season.
Sign Training Ground AgreementEnd of June 2023End July 23 Roar Women and Academy are locked in for Albany Creek Moreton Bay Council facilities. agreement almost signedOriginally Moreton City was given money to develop facilities for Womens and Youth sport. Therefore the set about developing facilities and the Roar Women and the Academy were heading there. This has not changed and they will be going. The Men look like they will end up out there, but at the moment the club is working on having training at Ballymore as an agreement with having the women play there as well.
Move into Training GroundEnd of August 2023Women and Academy on track Report from Moreton Bay Untied saying completed November 2023
Sign Suncorp AgreementEnd of April 2023Announced 19.4.23Majority of game will be held at Suncorp
Sign Ballymore Agreement MenEnd of April 2023Still working on an agreement which should see 3 Men’s games being played at Ballymore.
Sign Ballymore Agreement WomenAnnounced 19.4.23All Roar Women games to be held at Ballymore 23/24 season
#Note despite recent comments it is still proposed to play the Women at Ballymore
Open MembershipsEnd of May 2023Selling well.Announcement 25.5.2023 Memberships on sale 27.6.2023
Get Memberships kits outEnd of August 2023
Release Strip DesignEnd of July 202319th RSF Pres V/P and Secretary have seen the new strip, kit launch shortly
The Strip has arrived for the players. As reported by the RSF a few weeks ago.
Players Leaving the club end of 2022/23 Season11th May 2023
Josh Brindell-South
Joe Knowles
Marcel Canadi
Robbie Kruse
Jordan Courtney-Perkins (End of Loan agreement)
7th June 2023
Jordan Holmes (Via Instagram)
28th June Rahmat Akbari leaves for Georgia to play for Torpedo Kutaisi.
July Stefan Scepovic Leaves
August 2nd Noah Smith leaves Club
Signing of Players Men for the 2023/24 Season.Up until the start of the 2023/24 season.24th May 2023
Jez Lofthouse &
Louis Zabala signed on.
3rd July Matt Acton Keeper signed on.
3rd July Alex Parsons return and signs on
4th July Corey Brown returns to the club.
14th July Nikola Mileusnic extends his contract to stay at Roar.
End July Joe Caletti returns to the club.
2nd August Thomas Waddingham get a Scholarship.
Scott Neville signed on for another 2 years.
Quinn Macnichol the youngest player to sign a scholarship and play for the Roar was also signed this month.
Ex Melbourne City Midfielder Florin Berenguer has signed a 2 year deal.
We were informed by the club in April that the club had 15 players under contract, but would not say which players due to ongoing Contract talks.
End July, with New CEO and COO there have been some changes. However still a couple of players being sort for the Men’s Team. Players coming in will be fit and ready to play, or we believe won’t be signed.
Signing of Players Women for the 2023/24 Season.First Official Signing announcement was Ayesha Norrie (Captain – who has been helping the Club rebuild and set up proper conditions for the womens team.)
Mariel Hecher
Goalkeeper Keeley Richards
Ruby Cuthbert
Hollie Palmer
Jenna McCormick
Hannah Holgersen
Tameka Yallop
Chelsea Blissett
Ashlee Brodigan
We were told by Chris Fong that the club was intending to move to multiyear contracts for the Roar Women, And we are please to report this has happened. The month of August saw the Womens World Cup and shortly after the signings for the womens team started.