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CLUB UPDATE – RSF Interview with David Pourre (CEO BRFC)

The following provides an update on discussions with David Pourre (DP) in relation to where BRFC are in finding a new coach. Please note, the answers provided are summaries only and, while we attempt to be as accurate as possible, should not be taken as verbatim quotations:

RSF Q: David, there’s been plenty of media speculation on the search for a new coach but virtually nothing from the club, why?

  • DP: The club treat this as a confidential HR process where any applicant, as in any job application, have the right to expect total confidentiality. So we have run a discrete, professional and publicly very quiet process respecting the confidentiality of everyone concerned.

RSF Q: There’s been a fair bit of media speculation including several names being mentioned, how do you respond to those?

  • DP: we don’t respond to those for the same reasons of confidentiality; I can say there has been a significant amount of misreporting including the mention of names who are not under consideration however, if we deny individual articles we’ll just encourage more speculation. As soon as we have something to say we’ll communicate with members and the wider fan base, until then – just look for direct quotes, or the absence of direct quotes, from club officials in any articles.

RSF Q: So where are you in your process?

  • DP: Basically we are at “the pointy end” and have identified our preferred candidates

RSF Q: Can you tell us which coach (or coaches) are under consideration?

  • DP: No. we promised applicants confidentiality and we intend to keep that.

RSF Q: Some big names have been associated with the job in the media, the likes of Fowler and Ericsson for example, can you confirm if they were considered?

  • DP: Again no, we can’t confirm individual names. I can only say that everyone had to meet a criteria and go through a rigorous assessment process

RSF Q: How many people applied for the position?

  • DP: We had 160 applications and we looked st every one of them and applied our initial screening process to reduce the list down.

RSF Q: How did you narrow down those applicants?

  • DP: We has a comprehensive set of criteria that we were looking for including whether they held the necessary coaching qualifications (A/Pro Licence). And then some if the criteria included whether they had coached at a similar sized club to Roar or bigger, whether they had experience in a salary capped competition, whether they could demonstrate proven youth development, and whether they had knowledge or appreciation of the A-League.

RSF Q: What lessons have been learned from the past?

  • DP: We took this opportunity to build what we believe would be a robust process, one that could be used now and in the future. I think we created a good process, and while there can be no guarantees on any hiring appointment we can be comfortable we’ve done all we can to identify the best candidate.

RSF Q: Where did the applicants come from, domestic or overseas, and did the club approach any potential candidate directly?

  • DP: We had a good mix of both Australian and international candidates, there were more international applications than domestic probably due to the licensing requirements. And no, we didn’t approach anyone directly – only people that applied.

RSF Q: Did you consider NPL candidates?

  • DP: Yes we did, providing they met our criteria.

RSF Q: Some commentators are questioning the length of time the search is taking, what do you say to that?

  • DP: When we advertised we didn’t know whether we would get 10 or 100 applications so it’s hard to put a timeframe on it. In the end we got 160 applications and considered everyone of them. and then we had a thorough background research on candidates of interest. We’re moving through the process as quickly as we can but it takes time

RSF Q: Anything else?

  • DP: Yes, we looked for candidates who had done their research on BRFC, people who had shown an interest in us and understood a bit about where we’ve been and where we are now

RSF Q: Historically a new coach means major change behind the scenes, should we anticipate that?

  • DP: No, I don’t think so. There’s no anticipated need for changes within the football department, changes were made following last years review of the Football Department so all other supporting positions and processes are well established and stable and we will keep that.

RSF Q: So when can fans expect to hear something formally?

  • DP: We will announce as soon as we can but don’t want to be held to a target date, there’s too many variables